Dun-Par Scope of Work

(Typical Scope of Work)

We propose to furnish for the subject project, the necessary DUN-PART STEEL FLANGED FORMS, lumber, plyform, shores, nails and miscellaneous material and labor for erection and removal thereof to form the following items of concrete formwork:

  1. Pan slab and joist construction
  2. Reinforced concrete slabs
  3. Drop slabs
  4. Beam soffit and interior sides
  5. Chamfer strips (if required)
  6. Reshoring
  7. Clean-up of Dun-Par formwork debris (to a trash container provided by General Contractor)

  1. Anything on or below grade
  2. Walls
  3. Columns
  4. Edge forms and structural openings
  5. Furnishing or installing embeds or any built-in items
  6. Stairs or stair landings
  7. Blockouts (i.e. mechanical, electrical)
  8. Pour bulkheads
  9. Floating ("Hanging") forms or slab depressions
  10. Curbs, upturned beams, parapet walls or any forms on top of slab